CNSP2024: Lunedi 5 Febbraio

09.00-10:00 Iscrizione

10:00-10:30 Introduzione – Logistica

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break gestito dalla Scuola Alberghiera ‘Alberti’

Sessione 1: Pianeti e Satelliti – MARTE I

Chair: E. Flamini

11:00-11:12P. SimonettiUnder a faint sun: the role of seasonal thaws in explaining the liquid water on the Boachian and Hesperian Mars
11:12-11:24L. RossiScientific insights on the mechanical properties of martian subsurface from rosalind franklin rover drill telemetry data
11:24-11:36A. BaschettiQuasiperiodic Fe/Mg clay enrichment within sulfate beds of equatorial layered deposits in meridiani planum
11:36-11:48F. FurnariStudy of the seasonal water ice in the ejecta of a small crater on mars
11:48-12:00F. TusbertiAnalysis of ice sublimation and boulder size frequency distribution on the fresh martian crater S1094B
12:00-12:12A. ApuzzoSpatial distribution and orientational trends of fractures on Oxia Planum
12:12-12:30 Discussione
12:30-14:00 Pranzo

Sessione 2: Pianeti e Satelliti – MERCURIO

Chair: G. Cremonese

14:00-14:12 M. Mirino Insights on triggering processes for explosive volcanism on Mercury throughout a global correlation study
14:12-14:24 A. SepeInsights into Mercury’s tectonic history: a structural analysis of the discovery quadrangle
14:24-14:36 A. ZurriaPerturbative Analysis of the MORE Geodesy Experiment During BepiColombo’s Orbital Phase
14:36-14:48 M. MoroniSeasonal variation of Ca and Ca-bearing molecules in Mercury’s exosphere as product of micro-meteoroids and comet tream particles impact

14:48-15:00 Discussione

Sessione 3: Pianeti e Satelliti

Chair: F. Tosi

15:00-15:12G. SalariSpectral analysis of mare Ingenii basin (lunar farside)
15:12-15:24L. MarinangeliThe joint NASA-ESA Venus science coordination (VESCOOR) group

15:24-15:30 Discussione
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break + Sessione poster

Sessione 4: Pianeti e Satelliti – Jupiter seen by JUNO/JIRAM                


16:00-16:12P. ScaricaEllipticity of the polar cyclones of Jupiter through vorticity field.
16:12-16:24C. castagnoliModelling of the CH4 limb radiance measured by Juno/JIRAM at Jupiter’s equatorial latitudes
16:24-16:36F. BiagiottiDetection of pure ammonia clouds in a Jupiter high-latitude region based on an analysis of Juno/JIRAM infrared spectral data

16:36-16:45 Discussione

Sessione 5: Astrobiologia e Astrochimica

CHAIR: N. Balucani

16:45-16:57 R. SaladinoTracing the universal evolution’s operator in prebiotic chemistry and origins of life.
16:57-17:09F. CaniniDifferential composition and metabolic profiles of soils and rocks microbial communities in antarctic deserts as a model for Mars explorations
17:09-17:21F. PittinoExtreme environments: cryoconite holes
17:21-17:33S. BiancalaniEhanolamine ices in simulated space conditions
17:33-17:45 G. Di GenovaSulfur reactivity on interstellar water ice surface
17:45-18:00 Discussione
19:00 Aperitivo di benvenuto presso l’Hotel Baita dei Pini