CNSP2024: Martedi 6 Febbraio

Sessione 6: Pianeti e Satelliti – Focus La nostra Luna

CHAIR: F. Zambon

09:00-09:12P. CambianicaANTHELIA – ANalysis of illumination and THermal Environment of Lunar pIts and lavA tubes
09:12-09:24F. TosiMoon multisEnsor and LabOratory Data analysis (MELODY): PRELIMINARY RESULTS
09:24-09:36V. YordanovCombining numerical and machine learning models for the detection of landslides inside lunar craters
09:36-09:45 Discussione

Sessione 7: Piccoli Corpi – Focus La popolazione dei NEO

Chair: S. Ieva
09:45-09:57M. Angrisani3200 Phaethon, an active asteroid: surface alterations and expectations for Destiny+ space mission
09:57-10:09J. Bourdelle de MicasSpectral and photometric characterization of (98943) 2001 cc21, fly-by target of Hayabusa2
10:09-10:21E. DottoLICIACUBE: the light italian cubesat for imaging of asteroids in support to the NASA mission DART
10:21 – 10:30 Discussione

10:30 – 11:15 Coffe Break + Sessione poster

Sessione 8: Astrobiologia e Astrochimica / Focus Coevoluzione geosferabiosfera, Geobiologia

CHAIR: L.Tonetti

11:15-11:27 E. BruschiniSpectroscopic investigation of a potential mars analog site: lake bagno dell’ acqua, Pantelleria, Italy
11:27–11:39 D. Giovannelli Trace element availability and the evolution of biogeochemistry: a planetary perspective
11:39–11:51M. PedoneA multidisciplinary approach to explore how life might origin and perpetuate on Mars using planetary field analogues: a comparison between three projects
11:51–12:00 Discussione

Sessione 9: Pianeti e Satelliti / Focus Mars Sample Return

CHAIR: F. Altieri

12:00-12:12T. FornaroOrganic or not organic? updates from the NASA Mars 2020 mission
12:12-12:24G. CostanzoThe Pantelleria bagno dell’acqua lake: a new Mars-like enviroment as a reactor for prebiotic chemistry
12:24-12:36S. De AngelisHyperspectral imaging in the VNIR of NWA13367 Martian Shergottite
12:36-12:45 Discussione
12:45-14:15 Pranzo

Sessione 10: Pianeti e Satelliti – MARTE II

Chair: F.G. Carrozzo

J. Brossier Spectral survey on clay deposits & possible carbonates along the martian crustal dichotomy, in context with the ExoMars rover mission
14:27-14:39J. BeccarelliAnalysis of the OMEGA 0.4-2.5 μm spectra of the Martian satellite Phobos
14:39-14:51G. Munaretto Investigating the origin and formation mechanisms of Martian Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) from TGO/CaSSIS 4-band spectrophotometry
14:51-15:03F. OlivaTGO/NOMAD UVIS and LNO channels combined nadir datasets’ analysis: Martian dust characterization.
15:03-15:15 Discussione

Sessione 11: Pianeti e Satelliti – Outer Planets and Satellites I

Chair: A. Mura

15:15-15:27A. GenovaA bayesian inference framework to determine the internal structure of terrestrial planets and icy moons
15:27-15:39A. MiglioriniOngoing investigation of ice analogs of the Solar System icy moons using laboratory facilities
15:39–15:45 Discussione
15:45-16:15 Coffee Break + Sessione poster

Sessione 12: Pianeti e Satelliti – Outer Planets and Satellites II

Chair: A. Mura

16:15-16:27 E. Di MicoInfrared analysis of the surface of Jupiter’s galilean frozen moons with Juno/JIRAM data
16:27-16:39M. CiarnielloMid-sized saturnian icy satellites investigation by spectral modeling (missis): the case of Rhea
16:39-16:45 Discussione

Sessione 13: Pianeti e Satelliti – Focus Tettonica, Vulcanesimo e Fratturazione nel Sistema Solare   

CHAIR: R: Pozzobon
16:45-16:57N.A. VergaraThe role of graphite in thrust faults formation on Mercury.
16:57-17:09S. BuoninfanteMercury’s crustal structure modelling
17:09-17:21A. MuraLava lakes on Io

17:21-17:30 Discussione

Sessione 13: Planetologia sperimentale e di laboratorio I

Chair: S.Rubino

17:30-17:42A. BrinPreliminary results from laboratory investigations into electromagnetic properties of Ganymede icy crust analogues
17:42-17:54F. VitaliExperimental results on the H2-H2 and H2-He collisional-induced absorption coefficients at typical Jupiter’s upper tropospheric conditions.

17:54-18:00 Discussione

Sessione 14: Piccoli Corpi/Focus Space Weathering dei corpi senza atmosfera

Chair: Angrisani M.

18:00-18:12S. RubinoSpace-weathering on primitive bodies: a multiscale laboratory study on weathered grains
18:12-18:24R. UrsoConstraining the lifetime of organics on planetary surfaces
18:24-18:30 Discussione