CNSP2024: Venerdi 9 Febbraio

Sessione 28: Sviluppo di Strumentazione – Focus Strumentazione Spaziale Miniaturizzata

Chair: C. Gisellu

09:00-09:12A. Meneghin TASTE – a cubesat mission to Deimos
09:12-09:24 F. Dirri The VISTA instrument onboard Milani cubesat for HERA mission.
09:24-09:36C. GiselluPreliminary performance assessment of customized piezoelectric crystal microbalances for space applications

09:36-09:45 Discussione

Sessione 29: Sviluppo di Strumentazione / Focus Gestione dati in Planetologia

Chair: A. Zinzi

09:45-09:57E. PerozziNEO data management: from awareness to operations
09:57-10:09A. Zinzi VO-compliant planetary analogue spectral catalogues at ASI-SSDC
10:09-10:21R. Pozzobon Europlanet Gmap: tools, services, and training support for planetary geologic mapping

10:21-10:30 Discussione

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Sessione 30: Sviluppo di Strumentazione II

Chair: G. Sindoni

11:00-11:12S. Stefani Laboratory spectral characterization of the didymium and polystyrene filters used in the internal calibration unit of majis
11:12-11:24G. Colombatti VENOM: venture the extraction of organic molecules – preliminary design of the instrument
11:24-11:36G. Nodjoumi Explore L-explo & L-hex: open-source scientific applications for lunar cartography
11:36-11:48 A. LongobardoThe Tianwen2 mission and the DIANA instrument
11:48-12:00A. TulloPansharpening in planetary exploration studies: development of tools and applications

12:00-12:15 Discussione

Sessione 31: Sviluppo strumentazione / Focus Ruolo dei Piccoli Osservatori nelle Scienze Planetarie

Chair: M. Di Martino

12:15-12:30 A.NastasiThe contribution and the facilities of the GalHassin astronomical center in planetary science – toward a network of wide-field telescopes in sicily

12:30 – 12:45 Premiazione Miglior Poster e Migliore Presentazione

12:45 – 13:00 Saluto del Sindaco di Bormio S. Cavazzi

13:00 – 14:30 Pranzo

14:30-18:00 ASSEMBLEA SISP